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Your guide to phone maintenance at the “fixifyme” center in oman

Your guide to phone maintenance at the “fixifyme” center in oman
The profession of mobile phone maintenance has been in great demand during the past few years, due to the great technological development and the huge and new capabilities of mobile phones, which have contributed significantly to the emergence of a large number of approved maintenance centers , and one of the most prominent accredited centers in Oman is the “fixifyme” center .

The “fixifyme” center is among the largest approved centers for mobile phone maintenance in Oman, as it offers many advantages to the public as quickly as possible and with minimal effort.

Through the “fixifyme” center, it is possible to identify the most important malfunctions and problems that appear when using a mobile phone, and to give you information and tips that guarantee you a good deal with the mobile phone.

Factors for choosing the center “fixifyme”

“fixifyme” center, one of the largest authorized maintenance centers in Oman, deals with thousands of customers every month, thanks to:

Good communication with customers, and the adoption of unconventional ways of dealing.

Quick and intuitive completion of all maintenance work.

Follow the preventive instructions, to protect against the Corona virus.

Identify the most prominent malfunctions and problems that harm your mobile phone.

Giving you a wide range of tips that ensure good dealing with customers.

Replacing old spare parts with new and original (non-traditional) ones.

The presence of nearly 100 engineers and specialists in mobile phone maintenance.

Mobile phone repair immediately in the store or at home..

Certified maintenance services

At the “fixifyme” center, we offer the best services in fixing all problems and malfunctions in the mobile phone, thanks to the expertise and information possessed by the engineers and technicians working in the center.

– Fix all mobile phone malfunctions

Because our technicians are highly experienced in phone maintenance, they are fully aware of fixing all phone malfunctions and problems, thanks to frequent dealing with similar malfunctions, or identifying all mobile phone malfunctions, including:

Touch screen malfunction.

USB cables are damaged.

 Handset malfunctions.

Battery drain treatment.

Screen scratches and cracks.

The external microphone of the mobile phone has stopped.

Falling the phone into the water

Falling the phone into the water is one of the most prominent malfunctions in the mobile phone, which costs the user a lot of money due to the exposure of its internal parts to wetness.

traditional method:

  • Leave the phone to dry for some time – half an hour to two hours – in the sun.
  • Wrap the phone in a clean piece of cloth.
  • Put the phone in rice.
  • Which in turn absorbs the cold from the mobile phone.
  • Leave the phone in rice for 4 to 7 days.

The non-traditional method:

Send the phone to the “fixifyme” center, after taking it out of the water quickly, where they will deal with it for every professional, and after repairing it, it will be back as it was again.

Phone battery malfunctions

If your phone battery runs out quickly, or it does not have enough power to operate your mobile phone, you are in the right place, we offer you in the “fixifyme” center, replacing your damaged phone battery with an original one that works with the same efficiency as the old battery, or trying to repair it, but the repair be difficult.

– Repairing operating systems

We manufacture in fixifyme all types of operating systems for institutions and governments, as well as service and banking operating systems, which all users can deal with easily and smoothly.

– phone charger

One of the main parts of the mobile phone is the charger, without which you will not be able to use the mobile phone, due to the fact that the phone provides enough power for operation.

The mobile phone charger may malfunction and in this case, make sending it to the “fixifyme” center your first option.

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