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You wouldn’t expect.. Will wireless charging affect your phone’s battery?

You wouldn’t expect.. Will wireless charging affect your phone’s battery?
Wireless charging is one of the most prominent advantages recently introduced by smart phone manufacturers, as it has made a big difference for many users, especially those who work permanently on their smartphones, as they finally will not have to sit next to the power press to charge the phone while they work.

There are many other advantages in wireless charging , but some users have found that wireless charging has many damages to the battery of their phones, and others have also found that it has many benefits corresponding to some of the damages.

In this report, we can learn about the importance of using wireless charging :

Does wireless charging affect your phone battery?

Wireless charging is slow compared to wired charging

Wireless charging isn’t the fastest and with phones with larger batteries, it will take longer to charge your phone. And while wireless charging might be a nice feature to show off, you might quickly realize that it’s the opposite, and you’d better use the device’s original charger.

Wireless charging raises the temperature of your phone

Wireless charging tends to heat up your smartphone quickly which can affect the phone’s battery life and even performance. The smartphone battery may be “too hot,” causing it to burn out or causing a problem with one of its components.

Wireless charging is bad when driving

Many studies have proven that wireless charging greatly affects the battery while driving the car. The researchers attributed the reason to the fact that the phone is always vibrating during the cart, which makes disconnecting the cables from the wireless charger a bad thing, and thus affects the speed of the battery.

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