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“You will not need a technician” .. 5 steps that will help you clean your phone’s headset

“You will not need a technician” .. 5 steps that will help you clean your phone’s headset
Smartphone headphones are one of the most important components that cannot be dispensed with, especially when they are damaged. The phone may have limited use at that time for the user, and he may have to replace it with another phone, or try to repair it, but the reason for the failure of the headset may be dust and dirt. Therefore, it is preferable to perform regular maintenance on your mobile phone, to ensure that it is preserved as long as possible.

What do you need to clean the speaker:

A thin piece of cloth.

Red alcohol.

An old toothbrush.

A can of compressed air

How to clean your mobile phone:

First : You have to determine the location of the headset, and the accessibility of the equipment that you have inside it.

Second: Use a piece of cloth to clean the headphone holes, in addition to cleaning the device completely and quickly.

Third: Slide your old toothbrush over your phone’s speaker slots, and do this a few times. Then you will find that the speaker holes are coming out of dust and dirt that has been deposited in those holes.

Fourth: Use the compressed air package to remove the dust stuck in the depths of those holes, by passing these packages over the holes, which helps you remove all the dust in the holes.

Fifth: Put the red alcohol on the cloth, then gently pass the cloth over the holes, and make sure that the cloth is wet in a way that the alcohol does not leak into those holes.

With these five ways, you will be able to clean your mobile phone headset easily and conveniently, at a very low cost, and without wasting any more time. And don’t forget to do this periodically to keep your mobile phone safe.

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