Why should you fix your mobile phone instead of buying a new one?

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Why should you fix your mobile phone instead of buying a new one?

Mobile phones and technology in general are constantly updated, but that does not mean that you should replace them after a short period, as the phone industry created this system to achieve mass consumption in every where your device gets damaged, which makes you think that the best option is to replace it with a new one.

Did you know that most problems are caused by components that are easy to replace? For this reason, many people choose to replace this problematic component instead of changing the entire phone. Are you thinking of repairing your mobile phone? Maybe change it with a new phone? So we show you some tips to fix your phone instead of buying a new one .

When do you buy a new mobile and when is it repaired?

Before you decide to get rid of your mobile phone, you should know if it is possible to take it to a mobile phone repair service to try to save it. For this you should evaluate the following criteria:

damage type

Not all damages are irreparable, and sometimes they are so insignificant that with minimal repair we’ll have a mobile phone for a few more years. Generally, irreparable damages are those to the internal control board, storage units, or any device circuit, but when it comes to superficial damage such as broken screen, charging ports, microphone or speakers, repair may be your best option. .


Each of us has our preferences between the brands, processors, megapixels or software we use on our mobile phone, but the type of use we give our mobile device can determine whether we need a new device, or should we fix the one we already have.

A lot of times we choose to change our mobile phone when in reality all we do is call and write messages. In these cases, it is not recommended to replace it because its useful life can last several more years. If our current phone does not have the requirements to perform a particular function, such as storing a lot of data, applications or playing games that require high requirements, then without a doubt .change will be better. Otherwise, you don’t need a new device, and repair can save you a lot of money

Reasons why you should fix your mobile phone instead of buying a new one

Do you still think that repairing your mobile phone is not a good option? We know that resisting the feeling of not buying a new mobile phone is almost impossible, but believe me, it’s worth not doing it, at least until your phone has arrived at the right time. When you buy something new, it gives a feeling that your happiness is increasing, but the truth is that after a certain time, you will end up getting used to that purchase and the excitement you had at the beginning will be greatly reduced. For this reason, we want to show you a series of reasons to fix your mobile phone instead of getting a new one.

Reduce the impact of e-waste

Every year, millions of phones are disposed of in the environment, whether in landfills or in the middle of the sea, where electronic waste from phones continues to accumulate on the ground every day, until the effect reached the point that not only the earth was affected, but now also affects on animals and humans.

If the impact of the chemicals produced by batteries and screens could be reduced , the atmosphere would improve the quality of life for all the inhabitants of the planet.

Save money

It’s no secret that buying a high-end mobile phone has a huge impact on our economy, which will always make mobile repairs more viable.

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