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Tips before replacing your broken phone screen with a new one

Tips before replacing your broken phone screen with a new one
Screen cracking of our mobile phones is one of the most common malfunctions. So when this happens, it is inevitable to think about how much it will cost to fix it, what it costs the user money, due to the fact that today’s devices have sealed structures every day and use more technology, this makes it more complicated to repair.

People are encouraged to fix the broken mobile phone screen by themselves. Although changing your mobile screen is simple, you will need to have patience, accuracy, and of course tools for the process to go well.

Phone screen repair at home:

There are endless tools in the market to help you fix your phone screen by yourself , you will need:

  • screwdriver set
  • Glue
  • suction cups
  • straight tweezers
  • soldering iron
  • the screen

Types of glue

As mentioned before, not all adhesives are used to stick a broken phone screen. We can stick it with any kind of glue and it will work for a while, but you can’t have a phone failure in the future.

The main thing is to have products for professional use, products that are used in all technical services and specifically intended for the repair of mobile phones. With this we avoid that the next time our phone falls to the ground, the screen ends up shattering.

How to use mobile phone screen glue?

Before proceeding to work on pasting the screen, it is necessary to remove the back cover, the battery and the broken screen , as well as remove the wires that may obstruct the progress of this process .

Steps to follow to use glue on screens

  • First, be sure to clean the area you will be using of dust, moisture, and debris.
  • Apply the mobile phone screen glue evenly to the position of the screen.
  • Bring the screen of the device, and then install it in the specified place.
  • Wait about 5 minutes of pressing the screen from the four corners. for the device.
  • Let the device dry for about 3 hours , it is also recommended to let it dry for 48 hours for better fixation.

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