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The most common malfunctions in smartphones

The most common malfunctions in smartphones
Technology glitches are one of the most common problems we face on a regular basis. We are all obsessed with our cell phone . We take it to parties, restaurants, and even in the bathroom. If something happens to our phone, we don’t know what to do. Well, here are the most common mobile phone problems that can be easily solved on your own.
Of course, there are many problems that are difficult to solve if you are not tech savvy. If you are unable to do this yourself, we recommend that you take your mobile phone to an authorized service technician.
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Smartphone problems

There are many problems that you may encounter while using a mobile phone to identify the most prominent malfunctions in mobile phones, including:

1. The phone responds slowly

One of the issues that plagues most smartphone users is the device that seems to slow down over time. New OS updates, especially on older phones, along with apps that run when not in use, seem to lead to slower responses more than others.

There are some things you can do:

  • Clear the cache and free up space : Start by closing the apps you don’t use and tweak the settings to prevent junk apps from running in the background at all times, saving you more power.
  • Feel free to remove unnecessary apps and software and free up storage space by moving photos and other content to a cloud service.
  • If your problem is that your internet speed is slower than your phone , try switching between data and Wi-Fi to see which has the strongest signal, and close other apps or location services that may be consuming bandwidth. Just be careful not to exceed the data limit if you choose to data over Wi-Fi.
  • If you experience lag as a result of poor network , there may not be much you can do. If the reason is that you are using an old phone that is not compatible with the new updates, you can consider selling your phone and buying a newer and better phone.

2. The battery has stopped working or is swollen

Battery issues are one of the most common phone failures , and they usually result from abuse. The next time you find that your phone is taking too long to charge to 100 percent or seems to be not performing the required tasks, try changing some of the following settings and removing apps that can drain the battery. To solve trying to maximize waiting time, do the following:

  • Make sure that the charger you are using is optimal for your battery .
  • If your phone has a battery saver mode, start it whenever you need to have access to the phone without it running for several hours.
  • Finally, change the settings so that system and app updates do not run in the background.

3. Scratch or break the screen

Since the screens in our phones are made of glass, it is not surprising that a strong impact on the ground would cause them to break. Cracks can cause issues with touch screen response or allow moisture to pass over time to the screen, so it’s important to repair the phone after the screen has been damaged. Then you must prevent:

  • If your screen is already broken, you will need to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Try to use a screen protector , tempered glass helps a lot to keep the screen safe.

4. Phone overheating

Carrying an unusually hot phone can be a strange experience, and it can be hard to figure out the best way to fix it without putting the phone in the freezer. Overheating can seriously damage battery and screen life, as well as moisture and cold from the refrigerator, so if you find your phone is too hot, here are some better ways to cool it down:

  • The phone should be kept out of direct sunlight and stored in a dry, shaded place or bag that does not allow the heat of the sun.
  • After removing external heat sources, lower the brightness, close apps, refrain from overusing Wi-Fi or data, and make sure downloads or updates are delayed.

5. Storage space full (small space)

People take photos and videos now more than ever, so storage space has become a real issue for many smartphone users. New apps, downloads, and OS features also help reduce phone memory space. Here are some easy ways to free up space :

  • You can adopt a variety of cloud-based options, such as iCloud or Google Drive, or you can transfer your content to external hard drives or a computer to delete various files from your mobile device.
  • Buy a microSD card to give the phone itself some extra memory.

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  • 6. The phone is not charging (charging port has stopped working)
  • As with phone batteries, over time the charging cables and the port will wear out, and the small metal tabs around the hole where you plug the charger can be damaged, which can complicate or slow down the charging capacity of cell phones .
  • 7. Fix phone black screen
  • A stuck screen is one of the most common cell phone failures. When the phone freezes and the home button does not work, the only thing that you can do is to force the device to shutdown and restart.
  • 8. Weak signal
  • Although it is possible that your phone is not responsible for network problems or poor cellular signal, it is worth including this common problem in this list. In most cases, changing the phone’s settings won’t solve the connection problem. However, there are times when it is the hardware that is causing the problem and in these cases there are some steps you can take, but it may require seeking outside help. Try some arrangements at home first, then contact the experts.

These are the most prominent and most important malfunctions that can occur in your mobile phone to access .

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