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Smart tips to help you protect your mobile phone

Smart tips to help you protect your mobile phone
There are many solutions on the Internet that tell us the importance of maintaining our phones, and general tips to keep our mobile phone from damage, but in this article we provide you with a comprehensive guide to maintaining the smartphone, and making it always keep pace with the capabilities we prefer in our mobile phones.

Smart tips to help you protect your mobile phone

There are various tips and advice that can help all mobile phone users protect their phone:

Buy a tough screen protector or case

Nothing is worse than dropping your new mobile phone on the floor, exposing it to danger, which leads to scratches or cracks in the screen. So after you buy your device, buy a screen protector, which is a thick glass plate that is placed above the screen and is the same size as the screen, or put the phone in a case, which is a case that covers the phone from the outside .

 Charge your phone optimally

We all know what happens when a phone battery runs out. Most experts recommend keeping phones charged between 40% and 80%. So, frequent recharges instead of a daily charge up to 100%, helps in maintaining the health of the battery .

 OS update

Updating new mobile devices helps you discover all the defects that may exist before you buy the phone, and this appears after updating the phone’s operating system .

 Avoid choking your phone with unnecessary apps

 Keeping apps that you rarely or never use takes up device memory, which can eventually slow down your phone .

 Keep your phone warm and cool 

You may think that the phone as long as its temperature is low, it is good, and this is not true, and so when the temperature of the device is high, but we can say that phones can be more effective and work well when there is a balance between the two temperature and cold .

Protect your device from viruses

From data corruption to data theft, a virus can destroy everything good about your phone. So, to avoid getting into a situation where your phone is taken over by a virus or malicious app; So it is preferable to have a reliable mobile security software .

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