Smart steps you should take before buying a new or used phone

Smart steps you should take before buying a new or used phone
Many of us buy new or used smartphones, and then discover that these phones have a defect, and therefore return them to the company in case the phone is new, while if the phone is used, the seller may refuse to return the phone again, then you will consider that this is a losing deal, On the one hand you lose money, and on the other you will find that the phone is inefficient.

You should check these things before buying a new or used cell phone:

IMEI number: The first thing you need to know is if the phone seller is not a thief, it becomes a big problem if the phone you bought is stolen, it may be blocked later by their IMEI number or you may be tracked by their IMEI. So check to make sure.

The best way is to ask the seller either for his bill or for the carton that came with the phone, as it is almost impossible for a thief to steal the box or the bill that the user never carries with him.

Warranty: It is a good feature if the device has a few months of warranty left, so you can be safe in case of any error or problem until the warranty expires.

The only things not covered by the warranty are damages from misuse in general.

Phone Status: The next thing you should check is the phone’s condition. This will include checking for scratches on the panel, body, glass, etc. It can also check whether the LCD is clear with good brightness and not faint, and in case there is a lot of damage, it is up to you to decide whether to buy it or reject it.

Working condition: One of the most important things is that you have to check the working condition of the tool. This means that you have to check every function of the phone.

The things you should check are:

  1. microphone.
  2. Internal loudspeaker.
  3. External loudspeaker.
  4. Camera.
  5. Detect MMC or not.
  6. Battery drains quickly.
  7. Shipping.
  8. Vibration force.
  9. processing speed.
  10. Speed restart or shutdown automatically.
  11. Getting good network signals or not.
  12. Make a call and check the sound quality.

Accessories: Check the accessories that come with the phone, including charger, headphones, USB data cable, etc. If any accessory is missing, you can deduct the purchase price accordingly.

Pricing: It’s good to keep in mind that with a new model coming out every month, the prices of all electronic gadgets are steadily dropping. If you are in the business of buying and selling used or refurbished phones, consider that the phones you have purchased will not sell until after a couple of months, and the prices of the models will also drop sooner.

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