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Mistakes that can damage your mobile phone

Mistakes that can damage your mobile phone
With the advancement of technology, mobile phones have become more durable things, but they are still sensitive, especially when fearing the dangers that can occur to your phone when it falls on the ground or in the water, which makes many users buy a protector to keep the screen from damage. In this article, you will be presented with the most prominent mistakes that many users can make with their phones:

Mistakes that can damage cell phones

There are various errors that many users can fall into, especially if they are not familiar with the correct ways to deal with mobile phones:

• Never run it constantly

According to TechRepublic, the phone should be turned off from time to time to improve battery life. In this way, the cache and the navigation system are cleared, as well as speeding up the search and maintaining its speed. Therefore, turn off the device once a week.

• Use protective tools

We all know what can happen if a cell phone is dropped on the ground or in the water. But today there are many protective gear that are very resistant even to water. There are also protective gear that prevents it from slipping off your hands, and protects your eyes from UV rays.

• Wrong charger

Sometimes it happens to us that due to the lack of time or the rush we are in, we lose focus to the point that we do not connect the USB cable to the charger properly and force it to be plugged in until we realize it and manage the cable. Although it may seem like a simple mistake, the truth is that these electronic components are more sensitive than they appear, and forcing them can cause a faulty connection in the future.

• Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures

High heat and cold, even simple, can damage our phones, so avoid placing it in places with high heat and cold.

• Ignore suspicious programs or programs

It is also known that viruses not only attack computers but can also infect mobile phones. Viruses often arrive over the network and through heavy-duty applications, such as Zapp or even text messages. Therefore, be wary of suspicious messages and calls from unknown numbers, and never download apps with dubious reputation or click on messages on social networks from people you don’t know.

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