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Magical mistakes to avoid with your smartphone

Magical mistakes to avoid with your smartphone
There are some actions that we should not do with our mobile phone, either because it can harm our device or because it may endanger our privacy.

There are many procedures that we should keep in mind, to reach a problem-free smartphone, which makes it easier for you to use.

The most important things that you should not do with your mobile phone:

Leave the phone to the children

Children love to play with smartphones, as they ask to borrow them from their parents, but this is an unconscious decision by parents, because they can break or scratch it, and therefore you will have to repair it with a lot of money.

Ignore phone updates

Phone updates are important for the safety of your mobile phone, and to learn about all the new features in applications, and updates often solve problems in the phone, such as overheating and errors in data communication.

Keep your files in a safe place

It is inevitable that some of our contacts will send us certain photos or videos via WhatsApp or Messenger with hacked content, and these files may be automatically transferred to our gallery. It is very important to discard all the photos we do not want or keep them in a safe place.

You can also make certain adjustments in applications so that these contents are not automatically stored or saved to a separate folder.

Leave the phone in temperature or humidity

Heat is one of the biggest enemies of our mobile phone, as excessive heat can damage the battery or cause it to explode.

We should not leave the mobile phone in the sun or in the car, especially in the summer, or near a heat source such as a stove, and we should not put it in the charge when it is very hot, and also in freezing cold.

The ideal temperature for charging a smartphone is between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Make backups

It is important to make backup copies at least every week or every time you want to keep an important document. And files, photos and other stored data can disappear if you lose your mobile phone.

Is there a warranty for your phone?

This mobile phone can be lost, damaged or even stolen, in all these cases you can go to the warranty center for your phone, and then they will help you find your phone.

Download malicious files

One of the worst things we do is download “anything” using our mobile phone. Your antivirus will not protect you 100%.

Check permissions

Many apps ask for permission to access your personal documents, most of which are to spy on your photos and personal content, or steal banking information.

If an app with Simple Use asks you for a large number of permissions to continue with the installation itself, it’s best not to install it.

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