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List of all cell phone malfunctions.. Know them

List of all cell phone malfunctions.. Know them
List of all cell phone malfunctions.. Know them

A cell phone can be exposed to various errors and problems when using it. So cell phone repair technicians should know what all the faults they have to fix, and they should know how to diagnose and troubleshoot them easily.

These are the most common errors that appear in mobile phones as well as tablets, and we can divide the defects in mobile phones into three types:

  1. Settings errors
  2. Software errors
  3. Hardware malfunctions

The list of all malfunctions of the mobile phone is:

If the phone does not turn on.

Your SIM card is not found or found.

Network problem.

Not making any sounds, whether from the internal or external speaker.

– No vibration problem when this mode is turned on.

No response from the screen.

– Auto power off.

– Auto restart.

– Disconnect.

– Unresponsive from the charger, or charging slowly.

Battery drain problem.

The keyboard buttons do not respond to work.

Touch problem: Touch not working or touch slow.

Bluetooth problem: Bluetooth is not working.

Camera problem: The camera is not working.

– The radio does not work.

Memory card not detected.

Wi-Fi is not working.

Internet is not working or slow.

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