How to make sure that the mobile phone speaker works well?

How to make sure that the mobile phone speaker works well?
The sound that comes out of the phone headset always alerts us to something. If this sound is interrupted during the call , there is a defect or malfunction that occurs inside your mobile phone, and therefore we send it directly to the maintenance centers to find out the error in it. But before you send it to a service center, you can verify for yourself the location of the defect that caused the mute of the mobile phone, which we will explain briefly and simply in this article.

Steps to check the cell phone speakerphone:

There are two ways a normal user can check your mobile phone speakerphone:

The first method to check the headset

  1. Turn off the phone and take it off carefully. If you do not know how to disassemble your cell phone or tablet, you can watch videos of the disassembly procedure on YouTube.
  2. Now remove the speaker on top. It will be below the top hole on the panel, where the audio comes out during a call. Do not remove the loudspeaker (buzzer) by mistake.
  3. Now keep the multimeter in continuity mode and touch the end of the wire (one red, one black) to either end of the speaker.
  4. If you hear a beep, the speaker is OK. On some multimeters and amplifiers, instead of a beep, you’ll see a reading between 25 to 45.
  5. If you get a reading between this range then the speaker is working fine, if you don’t hear any sound or there is no reading then the speaker is faulty.

The second way to check the headset

Another option to test or check the amplifier of a mobile phone or tablet is to put any speaker the same size as the amplifier and check if it works in it. If it doesn’t work, you can send it to a better service center.

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