How to clean your phone’s dusty camera

How to clean your phone’s dusty camera
One of the most obstacles that photographers face is the presence of some dust on their camera lenses. Similarly, mobile photography needs a clean camera to produce a clear and high quality image, which makes it very important to clean the dusty camera of your phone , with a small cloth.

Cleaning the inside of the camera lens is a bit tricky, if at any point you are not sure what to do, let a professional help you . Experts know what they’re doing and they fix these kinds of camera dust issues every day, and they can easily access the fragile components of your phone, without the risk of damaging the lens.

Tools you need when cleaning your dusty phone camera

  1. You need a small screwdriver .
  2. Unscrew the phone (usually at the bottom of the phone on either side of the charging port).
  3. You will see a metal plate with screws attached to the top of your phone. Loosen it and remove the metal plate . This will allow you to remove the screen.
  4. You may not have to remove the metal plate because you can already access the camera. Gently remove the camera from the phone.
  5. Clean the lens and its surroundings with a microfiber cloth and an air blower.
  6. Once everything is clean, follow your steps, and put the smartphone back together.

If you cannot unlock your smartphone, or if you are reluctant to do so, bring the phone to an expert .

How to clean your phone’s dusty camera and protect the phone lens?

To prevent dirt from getting into the lens, you can follow these tips:

Use a case: it doesn’t have to be a very bulky case, but it is a little taller than the lens. You can find cheaper and matching cases on your phone.

Buy a bag: If you don’t want to use a bag, you can buy a small smartphone case. You can put your phone in it when you are not using it.

Put the camera up: Put your phone down with the camera pointing up. It will help prevent scratches from surfaces.

KEEP IT IN A CLEAN AND SAFE PLACE: Don’t bring your phone into the bathroom or kitchen. There is always water, dirt and grease present. Leave your mobile phone in the living room or your office. Do not put the phone in your pocket next to your keys to protect your phone’s camera from getting dirty, and make it not prone to dust, all of this makes it easier for you to clean your phone’s dusty camera

Use a camera lens protector: You can buy a scratch-free camera lens protector and put it on your camera lens or lenses.

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