How to clean the phone screen

How to clean the phone screen
Many users are confused because there is no best way to clean the screen of their phones, and some may see that a piece of cloth wet with water will do the job, but when they do that, they do not find the texture of the screen as they expected, but the technology has made available oils to paint the screen, which are usually used to clean the screen quickly .

What is the range of anti-oil paint?

Modern mobile phones have an oleophobic coating that protects the screen, improves smoothness, and reduces fingerprints. This coating consists of a thin layer of a fluoropolymer-based solid (similar to Teflon) that bonds to glass. Over time and use, this coating will wear down and you may notice parts of the screen getting greasy or soiled with fingerprints easily.

Step 1: Clean the touch screen

Thoroughly clean the touch screen with an alcohol pad to remove all fingerprints, smudges and grease.

Clean the screen with a clean microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Clean the screen with a clean microfiber cloth

If your kit has a sponge applicator, be sure to point the product up. Gently press a tissue on top to release excess pressure.

If your kit, instead, comes with a dropper or bottle, simply apply 10-15 drops directly to the screen of your device

Step 3 Apply the paint to the surface

Apply 10-15 drops of anti-oil paint liquid to the surface.

If you are covering a large surface, such as a large phone or tablet, apply ten drops to one part of the screen and work on one part at a time

Step 4 Rub until the liquid disappears

Using a facial tissue or paper, rub the liquid around the screen to cover it evenly until the liquid is gone.

Step 5 Give the paint time to set

Do not touch the screen for at least 4 hours after application. The longer you leave the screen on, the more effective the paint will be. For best results, apply the paint before bed so the product will stick overnight.

You can then wipe off any residue left on the touch screen with a clean microfiber cloth.


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