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Find out what causes our phones battery to swell

Find out what causes our phones battery to swell
Battery inflation is a phenomenon that does not happen very often, but it can happen if we are not careful with our mobile phone use, where it is better to be careful because it can not only endanger some components of the phone but also our safety.

Cell phone batteries consist of a large number of chemicals that can be affected by exposure to high temperatures or by a simple battery failure, as either of these two assumptions can cause the battery to emit gases and this is the main cause of battery swelling. .

Exposing the phone to high temperatures will cause the battery components to generate gases that end up accumulating inside the battery and need to be removed. This gas also expands throughout the space available for the battery, and if there is no room to escape, it will swell the more flexible parts of the battery.

What is the solution for a swollen mobile phone battery?

The ideal solution is to replace the mobile phone battery as soon as possible, in order to obtain a greater guarantee, to maintain yourself.

Batteries also need to recycle a defective phone battery properly. Batteries contain lithium, nickel, cadmium, and metal hydrates, among other highly polluting elements that cannot be disposed of anywhere. If we don’t get rid of them the right way, they will build up in the water, on land and in the environment, and eventually come back to harm us.

Battery swelling risks

Batteries consist of a large amount of gases, some of which are flammable when exposed to high temperatures. The main danger that a swollen battery can suffer is that the lithium ends up turning into a gas and that gas burns, as this combustion can cause the device and the various compounds inside the phone such as plastic or aluminum to burn.

It is true that it is not very common for a battery to burn out, but it was the case for some who were exposed to such extreme temperatures that they ended up burning.

If the battery burns, it is advised not to extinguish it with water, and the user can extinguish the fire with a carbon dioxide extinguisher or reduce the oxygen in another way to prevent the spread of the fire. This is one of the main reasons why you should let a service technician remove the battery instead of dealing with it yourself.

How do you take care of your phone battery?

The best way to avoid this problem is to make good use of your phone battery. There are many tips to keep your battery healthy on the internet.

As mobile phone repair experts , we want to show you a series of tips for taking care of your phone’s battery.

You have to know that there is no problem if you charge your mobile battery little by little or on a single charge. Some say the best way to take care of your phone’s battery is with a single charge from 0% to 100%, while others argue that the best way to keep lithium-ion batteries healthy is to keep them between 65% and 75%.

What you should pay attention to is not to leave the phone charging overnight. Although it is true that the current stops when the battery reaches 100%, the adapter reactivates when it detects that it goes from 100% to 99%, making it spend a good part of the night recharging at the depleted 1%.

Another tip we give you is to avoid charging your phone in the car, as the time for the phone to charge from these cables is relatively short, unlike the original charger of the device when it is connected to electricity.

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