An effective way to clean the front camera of your phone

Taking a perfect selfie is almost an art these days, so it’s annoying when the front camera lens is blurry, dusty or greasy. It is also more difficult to clean than the front lens, so if the front camera ...

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How to clean your phone’s dusty camera

One of the most obstacles that photographers face is the presence of some dust on their camera lenses. Similarly, mobile photography needs a clean camera to produce a clear and high quality image, which makes i...


The easiest way to remove viruses from your phone

Malware is those that can infiltrate your phone, and malware can also, with the intent of causing harm, into cell phones or computers. Identity theft or fraud. Viruses are a specific type of malware that infil...


How to clean the phone screen

Many users are confused because there is no best way to clean the screen of their phones, and some may see that a piece of cloth wet with water will do the job, but when they do that, they do not find the textu...

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How to make sure that the mobile phone speaker works well?

The sound that comes out of the phone headset always alerts us to something. If this sound is interrupted during the call , there is a defect or malfunction that occurs inside your mobile phone, and therefore w...


Smart steps you should take before buying a new or used phone

Many of us buy new or used smartphones, and then discover that these phones have a defect, and therefore return them to the company in case the phone is new, while if the phone is used, the seller may refuse to...