An effective way to clean the front camera of your phone

An effective way to clean the front camera of your phone
Taking a perfect selfie is almost an art these days, so it’s annoying when the front camera lens is blurry, dusty or greasy. It is also more difficult to clean than the front lens, so if the front camera phone is very dirty, you may need to clean the inside as well. If you’re not sure you can unlock your phone, take it to a retail store that sells this model and have them clean it for you.

The first step

Use a microfiber cloth to access the small aperture of the lens, as the front lens can be difficult to clean with a large piece of cloth, so fold one side of the cloth so that it is small enough to fit in the small gap. Use a microfiber cloth for best cleaning.

  • It may be helpful to put the cloth on and be very gentle not to scratch the lens.
  • Do not use a cotton swab or tissue to clean the lens because the tiny fibers can break and stick around the edges.

The second step

Wipe the outer glass with a fine lens cleaning pen. Place the cap on the lens cleaning pen and gently rub its tip against the glass covering the actual lens on the front camera. Make your movement on the camera position rotate to clean more effectively.

  • You can buy a fine lens cleaning pen online or at most electronics stores.
  • The brush head is covered with a carbon compound that removes oils and dust from the lens.

The third step

Remove dust with compressed air.

  • Never shake the can before using it as it may liquefy some of the air inside.

Fifth step

Take your phone to the manufacturer’s store to clean the inside of the lens. Find the nearest phone retailer that sells your model and book an appointment. Even if your warranty has expired, they won’t charge you to unlock and clean your phone.

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