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5 steps to fix your earphone

5 steps to fix your earphone
The method of repairing phone headphones is different from earbuds, as the latter is a completely separate part of the phone, but it is not easy to repair, and many users are forced not to use these damaged earbuds again, because they do not know ways to solve this problem. And in this report we will give you steps to fix your earphone .

What you will need before trying to repair the earphone:

Use of a multimeter.

Scissors or blade.

Soldering iron.

A damp cloth.

Steps to solve the headphone problem:

– First: You have to make sure of the position that you expect to be damaged, as one of the headphone wires may be damaged, or the headphone “jack” makes it not work normally, and to ensure that you can tighten the wire at an angle of 90 degrees while operating the headphone , The sound was irregular, in this case the defect is from the “speaker jack”.

Second: Use scissors or a scalpel to cut the headphone jack, then cut the ends of the wire and try to show the metal ends.

Third: Buy another “jack”, then wrap it with the wire from which the plastic has been removed well.

Fourth: Use the soldering iron to weld the ends together, then let it cool for 15 minutes.

Fifth: Wrap the “plastic adhesive” on the repair site, and then turn on your headphones again.

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