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4 things that drain your phone’s microphone life

4 things that drain your phone’s microphone life
One of the most important parts that we see in our phones is the microphone, as without a microphone – internal or external – we will not be able to make calls to our friends, and even shoot videos or record audio clips, which causes boredom to many users, because they do not know the reasons for the sound interruption. about the headset.

In this report, we monitor the most important reasons why your mobile phone fails to work regularly or the microphone of the phone is damaged, but first we have to discover this easily by:

– Either during the call, the interlocutor does not hear us or the voice comes to him with interference or at a very low volume.

When we try to record a voice memo or a video clip, but there is no sound or it is not clear.

Reasons for the failure of the portable microphone:

Program glitch

Another reason for the microphone to fail is the failure of the operating system to work. In this case, the first option would be to restore factory settings .

Before doing this, it is important to make a backup of the mobile phone so that you do not lose any important data.

Every mobile phone has its own factory reset method, so we must know how to do it in every device. If the failure persists once the factory reset is completed, the software failure can be ruled out and the malfunction can be caused by the hardware itself.


The main reason is that there is a malfunction in the microphone in the dust and dirt that infiltrates it, which makes it mute the device.

A lot of people make mistakes in the input pin or sharp tool through the microphone slot, it helps to deepen the gap, making those vulnerable to the hole dirty again.

Repetitive collision with the ground

Mobile phone parts, like those in any device, deteriorate little by little with use. If a mobile phone is dropped or bumped multiple times over time, the risk of damage to those parts increases.

In this case, the damaged part must be replaced with a new one, making sure that this replacement part is original from the manufacturer, as it causes much less problems in the long run. Parts should always be replaced by a professional.

water damage

In order for the mobile phone to be damaged by water, it is not necessary to immerse it completely in water, but it is sufficient to keep the mobile phone in a place of high humidity, and the microphone may have eroded from contact with moisture. As in the internal components of the phone.

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