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4 myths about charging a mobile phone battery

4 myths about charging a mobile phone battery
There have been many myths that have emerged recently about mobile phones, which can contribute significantly to convincing many users of false information about their smartphones, or a company, which will make them worry about these myths.

The most common myths about charging phone batteries

In this report, we highlight some of the most important myths about the use of mobile phone charging. Here are the highlights:

Myth 1: Using alternative chargers can damage the battery

The most recommended is to use the original charger that comes with our mobile phone, but if you need to replace it or buy an extra charger , it is not necessary to buy an original charger, and you can buy a good quality cable from any authorized service center, which will help not to damage the battery Thus, the phone will last longer.

Myth 2: Charging your phone overnight will damage the battery

Today’s batteries charge much faster than before, and in a couple of hours, your mobile phone will be 100% full. Therefore, there is a myth that if we allow them to charge longer, it may damage our battery. But this is not entirely true, because cell phones are “smart”, and once they are fully charged, they stop sending power to the battery.

In any case, it might be better to keep the phone charged at 80% , but there is no problem if we leave the mobile charging all night

Myth 3: You can’t use your mobile phone while charging

This is another widespread myth that many people claim to be electrocuted or short-circuited when charging.

And you can buy a high-quality charger to support the fast charging feature on your phone, unless you bought a charger with questionable power, it can be dangerous, because it can damage your battery

Myth 4: You should only charge your mobile phone when the battery is 100%

It is not necessary for the battery to be fully discharged at all in order to be able to recharge our device. Of course, it is better to keep the phone with a low battery percentage, because if it is turned off frequently due to lack of battery, it can be damaged.
The recommended thing is to keep the phone between 40 and 80% battery , and once a month, let it fully discharge and then charge it to 100%.

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